We design and build digital products and delightful experiences for startups, companies and ourselves

We've worked with...

Gareth Lewis Product Manager at Sourcebreaker

We've worked with Desire Path for a couple of years, they are an exceptional team who have added huge value to both our UI and overall UX. Without doubt, Desire Path have helped us win and retain business by creating a UI that is both visually stunning and easy to use for our customers

We're a multi-disciplined agency...

UX development

We learn who your customers are and what their goals are. From there we start to construct elegant solutions to your design problems.

UI design

Experienced in various types of interfaces, our team creates beautiful and well-crafted UIs for mobile, web and desktop.

Visual Identity and Marketing

We've helped many companies with their branding, from complete visual identity projects to marketing campaigns.


Whether building for mobile, web or desktop, our focus on delivering quality and robust code is key to our success.

What's with the name?

Desire paths are the beaten tracks you walk along at the park. The landscape designer didn't create them - the people did. It represents the way people want to use the park, a shortcut or a more scenic route. These patterns can also be found in the digital products we use every day. As an agency it's our job to find out where our users are going and what is the fastest, most beautiful way of getting them there.